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Authorize More Transactions

Authorize More

We help card issuer banks and merchants approve more purchases, leading to satisfied cardholders and increased revenue

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Recover your share with Kipp

$800 Billion eCommerce transactions are declined annually

  • Increase revenue

    Increase revenue

  • Maintain customer satisfaction

    Maintain customer satisfaction

  • Ensure customer loyalty

    Ensure customer loyalty

  • Hold top of wallet position

    Hold top of wallet position

  • Reduce operational costs

    Reduce operational costs

  • Issuer Banks

    Issuer Banks

    Where issuer banks strengthen customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs

    Keep your cardholders happy while you enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reclaim declined transactions with no added risk. So say goodbye to frustrated customers and say hello to satisfied and loyal customers.

  • Merchants


    Where eCommerce merchants get more sales and earn more money

    Help your customers complete their purchase on the first try and enjoy lower abandoned carts and higher customer satisfaction rates. Approve more transactions and make more money for a fraction of the risk. Kipp will take care of the rest. No integration required.

Optimize your payment model with AI Technology

Consumers expect their card purchases to be approved when they are making an online purchase.
If a transaction is declined, everyone loses – consumer, card issuer, and merchant.

Using real-time AI technology you can minimize declined transactions and boost everyone’s satisfaction and win.

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