Here’s how issuer banks and merchants can approve more legitimate transactions without adding risk

Kenbi Platform

Kipp’s authorized transaction technology accomplishes four main goals:

  1. Enables merchants and banks to predefine acceptable risk rules and policies for various scenarios.
  2. Quantifies the risk in proportion to the transaction value.
  3. Assesses and approves more low-risk transactions that are financially acceptable to both parties.
  4. Keeps customers satisfied and the money coming in.

Kipp’s AI engine enables banks to quantify risk by assessing various risk factors on each individual transaction. Data is the key to minimizing risk and to increase transaction approval.

The issuer bank’s risk policy provides the guidelines to help define the level of risk for every transaction.

From an easy-to-digest dashboard, issuer banks can explore the different transactions, recuperated purchase amounts, recovered purchases, and top merchants.

We help merchants and banks find the right balance between risk and reward with the help of rich and insightful data processing in real-time.

Kenbi Application
  • Rule management

    Rule management

    The back office where issuer banks determine the price and ask as well as add and modify rules to enjoy a digestible view where they can evaluate credit and other risks
  • Easy integration

    Easy integration

    To benefit from Kipp’s enhanced authorization platform, card issuers are asked to integrate their authorization platform with Kipp connect platform using a restful API
  • AI engine

    AI engine

    Kipp applies powerful AI engines to optimize bank and merchant approval rates in milliseconds, so you don't have to develop complex business logic from scratch
  • Sign up to start

    Sign up to start

    Merchants don't need to change their payment page flows or complete any special integration to get started. Start making more money and keeping your customers happier. You only pay when transactions are approved

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