Navigating the Future of Overdraft Fees: Insights for Debit Card Issuers

Comparison Chart

We investigated the overdraft fee structures of the top 24 debit card issuers, and our findings were eye-opening! New regulations are forcing banks to rethink overdraft fees and make them more customer-friendly.
Our Comparison Guide provides an in-depth look at how different banks implement overdraft fees, offering key insights into managing your finances efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Some banks will hit cardholders with multiple fees a day for trying to spend over their balance
  • CFPB proposals for 2025 will see overdraft fees capped from approx. $30 to closer to $3 – issuers are about to lose a revenue stream and are seeking ways to replace the revenue
  • Many of the fintechs have moved away from overdraft fees altogether – with some offering fee-free overdrafts up to $200


Use this comprehensive guide to navigate the complex world of overdraft fees and make informed financial decisions.