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Want to help banks and merchants authorize more legitimate payments and elevate your organization to new records of customers’ satisfaction? Become Kipp’s partner to lead the financial market to new heights of customers’ loyalty, and increased revenue.

  • Card Processors and Integrators

    Card Processors and Integrators

    Enhance your offering by partnering with Kipp’s AI-powered solution to make the payment authorization processes smooth and accurate. Kipp believes the way to authorize more legitimate payments lies in sharing both data and cost of risk. So if you’re ready for a partnership that’ll create a unique differentiating value add to the services you provide to your clients together with significant  positive ROI, all it takes is integrating your authorization platform to Kipp.

  • Acquirers and Payment Service Providers (PSP)

    Acquirers and Payment Service Providers (PSP)

    Want to offer your merchants a way to optimize payments and increase their approval rates in the market while protecting them from potential fraud? Kipp can help. Our solution leverages multiple data points to optimize payment approvals more accurately than ever before. Partnering with Kipp requires no special integration to get started.
    If you’re an acquirer or a PSP and you have your own anti-fraud solution you can also partner with Kipp as an anti-fraud provider.

  • Anti-fraud Providers

    Anti-fraud Providers

    Leverage your data and analytics to give more value to merchants and issuing banks, helping them decline fraudulent transactions and approve more legitimate ones. Sharing your fraud analysis with Kipp, allows us to share it with issuer banks, driving better decisions. Partnering with Kipp is easy – simply integrate to our Anti-fraud API to get started.

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