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Recover up to 50% of your declined transactions and give your customers what they want, when they want it

More often than not, declined transactions cost eCommerce merchants a lot more than the cart value. They hurt your reputation, bottom line, and customer loyalty – especially when these payments are legitimate. Learn how you can automatically recover your legitimate transactions without any integration efforts and increase the transaction approval rate.


Kipp helps eCommerce merchants catch and save more legitimate transactions.

What are failed legitimate transactions?

Data from issuers show that over 50% of declines are due to risks associated with insufficient funds. The rest of the declines are associated with transactions suspected as fraud, many of which are declined although they are not really fraud i.e., false positives or transactions that are declined  due to the banks authorization policies. With Kipp’s help, merchants and banks can gather and process additional data that’ll help them approve more legitimate transactions in real-time and on their terms. That’s how you boost revenue and customer satisfaction with minimal risk.

  • Name your low-risk price

    Name your low-risk price

    What if you could stake a fraction of the sale to approve a good transaction? Kipp helps you spot, price, and approve legitimate transactions in less than a second, so your revenue always keeps growing.

  • Pay per declined approved transaction

    Pay per declined approved transaction

    There are no monthly fees or setup costs with Kipp. You select the percentage you’re ready to pay, so you’re always authorizing more purchases on your terms. You only pay for approved transactions.

  • Maximize customer acquisition efforts

    Maximize customer acquisition efforts

    Avoid wasting time and money on acquiring willing-to-buy customers only to have the sale fall through at checkout. Get Kipp to maximize your advertising efforts and approve more valid transactions on autopilot.

  • Enrich every transaction

    Enrich every transaction

    Kipp allows merchants to leverage on their data analytics with 3rd parties to enrich the card issuers models, leading to reduction in false positives and increase of legitimate approved transactions.

  • Boost customer loyalty / reduce abandoned carts

    Boost customer loyalty / reduce abandoned carts

    87% of online shoppers abandon their carts during checkout if the process is too long or complicated. Shoppers often don’t differentiate between store issues and bank issues. You’re likely to lose the sale if customers need to call the bank, retype the card information, or try another card. With Kipp, the checkout experience will be short and sweet so your customers will come back for more.

  • No integration needed
    No integration needed
  • No need to change payment providers
    No need to change payment providers
  • No change of funds settlement flow
    No change of funds settlement flow
  • No change of payment page flow or design
    No change of payment page flow or design

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