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Issuer Banks

Why are legitimate transactions declined by card issuers?

Data from issuers show that over 50% of declines are due to risks associated with insufficient fundsThe rest of the declines are associated with transactions suspected as fraud, many of which are declined although they are not really fraud i.e., false positives or transactions that are declined because of banks’ authorization policies. With Kipp’s help, eCommerce merchants and banks can gather and process additional data that’ll help them approve more legitimate transactions in real-time and on their terms. That’s how you boost revenue and customer satisfaction with minimal risk.

  • Price the risk

    Price the risk

    Issuer banks set the policy that enable Kipp’s AI engine to price the risk and cross-reference merchants’ willingness to compensate in real-time. If there’s a match, Kipp will recommend the issuer in real-time to approve the transaction.

  • Guarantee lasting customer satisfaction

    Guarantee lasting customer satisfaction

    Customers often get personally offended when risk algorithms do what they’re meant to do. That’s why Kipp added an optimization layer to help banks make smarter real-time business decisions based on merchant’s data that minimizes risk and keeps cardholders satisfied.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Reduce operational costs

    For every ‘declined by issuer bank’ notification, a frustrated customer picks up the phone to complain about a failed valid transaction. These tend to be long calls that take up valuable time and operational resources. Kipp helps you save on operating costs by dramatically reducing the rate of declined transactions.

  • Get your consumers back

    Get your consumers back

    The Buy Now Pay Later market will reach USD 20.40 billion by 2028. Consumers opt for whatever payment method gives them what they want. With Kipp, banks can finally and seamlessly compete with Buy Now Pay Later options and give consumers a positive shopping experience.

  • Increase revenue
    Increase revenue
  • Seamless authorization & settlement flow
    Seamless authorization & settlement flow
  • Simple integration
    Simple integration
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Want more satisfied customers and lower operational costs?

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