Kipp and Primer Partner to Improve Payment Authorization Rates

Kipp and Primer Partner to Improve Payment Authorization Rates

Jul 6, 2023

Kipp, the Fintech platform that connects card issuing banks and merchants with the goal of approving more transactions, has announced a new partnership with Primer, the world’s first automation platform for payments and commerce.

The partnership will allow merchants to immediately access Kipp’s platform through Primer with only a few clicks, making it even easier to improve payment authorization rates. Merchants integrate with Primer once, after which they can add Kipp to their payment workflows in minutes.

Kipp’s platform enables issuing banks and merchants to jointly approve legitimate transactions that are unnecessarily declined. Kipp’s automated system shares rich data points and allows merchants and issuing banks to split the risk costs in real-time based on predefined risk profiles and rules. When Primer merchants are faced with fraud-based declines, Kipp steps in to save the transaction by leveraging merchants’ willingness to share data and offer issuers a premium to approve borderline transactions

Merchants can increase their revenue by raising their authorization rate, reducing chargebacks, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting efficiency by automating payment processing.

“Kipp is all about collaboration, leveraging data sharing to authorize more legitimate transactions. Through our partnership with Primer, merchants and issuers can benefit from higher approval rates and consumers can enjoy a positive, frictionless experience,“ said Chanan Lavi, Kipp CEO and Co-Founder.

“We are excited to partner with Kipp to enable merchants to access powerful transaction approval capabilities,” said Kevin Lee, Head of Partnerships at Primer.  This collaboration empowers merchants to streamline and improve payment authorization rates, a win-win for everyone.”

By offering a smooth user experience and addressing the complexities of global payments, both Kipp and Primer ensure a seamless integration for businesses and enhanced convenience for their clients. 


About Primer

Primer is the world’s first no-code automation platform, offering merchants the underlying infrastructure for effortless commerce experiences. Within one click, merchants have access to hundreds of global integrations across payment processors and methods, shipping and communications. Primer is a remote-first company, operating in over 30 countries with category leading customers in Retail & Ecommerce, Travel & Mobility, Ticketing & Events, and Fintech & Crypto. It has raised over US$74M, backed by the likes of Silicon Valley heavyweights Iconiq, Accel, Balderton, and RTP Global.