Merchants: stop losing revenue over card declines

Declined transactions cost merchants a lot more than the actual cart value. They hurt your reputation, sales, and customer loyalty – especially when these payments are legitimate. Using the Kipp Connect platform you can share data with issuers to recover your legitimate transactions … without any integration efforts.


Calling all merchants and eCom payment executives !

With the Kipp Connect platform merchants can collaborate with issuer banks to approve more payments and keep growing revenue for both parties!

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“As a global card network, MasterCard is always eager to discover new technologies that enhance the customer payment experience, and we put a lot of effort into finding solutions that increase the approval rates and prevent unnecessary declines.” CTECH

Sydney Gottesman, CEO MasterCard and Enel X FinSec Lab

“Fraugster will provide issuers using Kipp’s platform with additional data points, in real time, so they have the confidence to approve more transactions. The partnership is focussed on increasing final approval rates for merchants, by allowing merchants to participate in the cost of risk to save a transaction.”

Christian Mangold, CEO, Fraugster