Enhance Fraud 
Detection with Merchant-Level Insights

Card Issuers:
Enhance Fraud 
Detection with Merchant-Level Insights

Merchant-level data is increasingly important in the fight against fraud and improved customer experience. Access to this critical data will allow you to cut down on unnecessary declines and improve the accuracy of your card fraud risk assessment.

  • Secure
    the Next 5

    Approve Legitimate Transactions for Growth

  • Increase
    Approvals by 50%

    Avoid many issuer-declined transactions

Enhance Fraud 
Detection with Merchant-Level Insights

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Enhance Customer Protection with Merchant-Level Data

Enhance your fraud solution with merchant-level data for card issuers, to improve the accuracy of authorization decisions

Maintain Top-of-Wallet and Loyalty

Maintain Top-of-Wallet and Loyalty

Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring more successful authorizations. Let your customers transact without seamlessly

Make More Accurate Decisions

Make More Accurate Decisions

Kipp Insight’s model eliminates the need for you to train a fraud detection model or implement your own scoring system for each merchant.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

For every ‘declined by issuer’ notification, a frustrated customer picks up the phone to complain. Costly contact center calls waste valuable time and operational resources.

How card issuers and merchants can approve
more legitimate transactions with Kipp


Merchant shares enriched transaction data with Kipp (e.g. time spent on webpage, IP address, age of account etc.)


Merchant requests approval of the transaction with 
the issuer (via acquirers and card networks).


The Issuer is 
about to decline based on a fraud assessment.


Kipp sends a real-time transaction approval request to the issuer.


Kipp advises the issuer to authorize.

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