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The model is based on conservative predefined assumptions related among others to the share of cross border transactions, the Kipp potential premium rate, Kipp’s save rate etc. For more information about the model assumptions and in general, please reach out at  

Kipp helps card issuers put a price on the marginal risk of approving a transaction that is about to be declined. We then leverage our relationship with merchants to cover that extra cost of risk, i.e., Kipp premium.

For any transaction that was about to be declined but was then approved by the card issuer based on Kipp’s advice, the card issuer will be entitled to the interchange income.

When a card issuer declines a transaction, they may lose the Top of Wallet position of their cardholder. Losing that position causes the card issuer to lose several potential future transactions that the cardholder will now complete with the competitors’ card.

When a cardholder’s transaction is declined, they may use an alternative card (causing the issuer to lose the top of wallet position), or they may call the issuer’s call center to complain. Any such call to the call center costs the issuer time and money.